Class Hierarchy

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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CARCSAbstractComponentClass handling the generic description of a component
 CARCSAbstractFamilyAbstract class representing a family of components i.e. a factory of factories of components
 CARCSAppModeBase class for launching and handling ARCS applications
 CARCSArrayTemplate< X >Template class to implement arrays
 CARCSColorLogGeneric class for coloring log event
 CARCSConnectionDescribes a connection
 CARCSContextThis class manages components and constants in a given context
 CARCSFactoryA singleton handling all needed factories in ARCS runtime
 CARCSInitDesribes an initialization over a component
 CARCSInterfaceA class describing interfaces of components
 CARCSLibManagerThis class is a dynamic library manager
 CARCSLogGeneral purpose logging class
 CARCSLogEventClass that describes a log event
 CARCSMethodA class describing a component/method pair
 CARCSQDynamicObjectInterface to extend QObject functionnalities in order to make objects with dynamic signals or slots
 CARCSSheetMaintains connections between objects
 CARCSTypeFactoryGeneric class describing how type factories should be implemented
 CARCSWrapper< T >
 CARCSXMLHandlerThis is an XML Handler for all ARCS native XML formats