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ARCSLog Class Reference

General purpose logging class. More...

#include <arcslog.h>

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Public Types

enum  LogModes { NONE, CONSOLE, HTML }
 logging modes

Public Member Functions

void startCapture ()
QString endCapture ()
void setTextStream (QTextStream *ts=0)
void setLogMode (LogModes mode)
void log (ARCSLogEvent evt)
void setDisplayLevel (ARCSLogEvent::Level lvl)

Static Public Member Functions

static ARCSLoggetInstance ()
 returns the only instance of the logging system that is available
static void logInformation (QString source, QString message)
static void logWarning (QString source, QString message)
static void logError (QString source, QString message)
static void logCritical (QString source, QString message)

Static Public Attributes

static const char * interp [] = { "NOR", "INF", "WRN" , "ERR" , "CRT" }

Detailed Description

General purpose logging class.

The ARCSLog class may be used as a logging system. Based, on the singleton pattern, you request it by the getInstance() method. It has several log modes in order to produce colorized output or not.

Jean-Yves Didier
February, the 14th, 2011

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