arcslibdump manpage


arcslibdump helper tool to dump component librarie contents.


arcslibdump [LIBRARY]...


arcslibdump dumps the contents of a list of component library names passed as a parameter. It can be abridged library names (for example, can also be called sample ). For each library, arcslibdump will load the library, load families, data types and components. Each component will be instantiated, their signal and slot lists will be retrieved and they will be destroyed. The library will also be unloaded so you may also check behaviours at instantiation and destruction.


arcslibdump sample
dumps the contents of the component library.
arcslibdump sample
dumps the contents of first, then the contents of


The output of arcslibdump is quite verbose so it may be a good idea to pipe it with tools like more or less.


Jean-Yves Didier