arcsengine manpage


arcsengine : launches an XML application description using ARCS engine.


arcsengine [OPTION]... XMLFILE


arcsengine parses and runs an application described using an XML format. It can run the application into several modes according to the behaviour that is expected.


Help and logging

-h, –help
prints a short help summary.
-l [0-2]
defines output log mode.
0 : do not display logs.
1 : display colorized logs in console.
2 : display colorized logs for an HTML parser.

Overriding application behaviour

-b, –mode-base
simple loop based applications
-e, –mode-event
event loop based console applications. You must use it if you want asynchronous connections.
-g, –mode-gui
event loop based GUI applications. It is required if you want to start applications using Qt Widgets.
-t, –mode-thread
threaded application, that is to say the application will start in a secondary thread instead of the main thread. This is mainly for testing purposes.
-te, –mode-thread-event

threaded application, with event loops. It is also for testing purposes.

Profiles and constants

-d, –define vars...
redefines constants in the XML file. var... is a list of constants assignations separated by colons.
-p, –profile file
sets a profile. Constants are assignated using the contents of file.
-o, –profile-out file
defines a file where to output modified constants


arcsengine loop.xml
launches the application named loop.xml
arcsengine -e loop.xml
launches the application loop.xml and overrides its current running mode by using event loops.
arcsengine -d iterations=10 loop.xml
launches the application loop.xml and redefines the value of the constant named "iterations".


Jean-Yves Didier