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arcslibtoolkit.h File Reference
#include <QHash>
#include <QMetaObject>
#include <arcs/arcsabstractfamily.h>
#include <arcs/arcsnativecomponent.h>
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class  ARCSNativeComponentTemplate< X >
 Generic factories for each new native component type. More...
class  ARCSTypeFactory
 Generic class describing how type factories should be implemented. More...
class  ARCSTypeFactoryTemplate< X >
 Template class to implement type factories. More...


typedef QHash< QString, ARCSNativeComponent * > ARCSComponentMap
typedef QHash< QString, ARCSAbstractFamily * > ARCSFamilyMap
typedef QHash< QString, ARCSTypeFactory * > ARCSTypeMap

Detailed Description

Jean-Yves Didier
October, 27th 2007

This the header declaring basic classes and functionnalities to easily create a library designed for our runtime. It stores a generic mecanism of wrapping that helps to call the constructor of any object inheriting from QObject. One can create it's own library for our runtime, by including this file in the source code of its own library.

Definition in file arcslibtoolkit.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef QHash<QString,ARCSNativeComponent*> ARCSComponentMap

Type storing wrapping classes in one end and a key, which is a string representing the name of the object we want to create.

Definition at line 155 of file arcslibtoolkit.h.