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 +=====Downloads=====  ​
 +The ARCS framework (in version 2.x) is currently distributed as a sources archive.\\
 +You must also understand that **only the ARCS framework is distributed**. In order to use it, you must also have component libraries (or [[arcs2:​creating_a_component_library|develop them]] -- some libraries may be available in a near future).
 +==== License ====
 +ARCS is released under the [[http://​www.gnu.org/​licenses/​gpl-2.0.html|GPLv2]] licence. Copyright © 2013 Université d'​Evry-Val d'​Essonne.\\
 +==== Obtaining the ARCS framework ====
 +**You can now download one of the archives below:**\\ \\ {{:​files:​arcs2-current.zip|}} (~600kB)\\ \\ {{:​files:​arcs2-current.tar.gz|}} (~500kB)\\ \\ {{:​files:​arcsjs-current.tar.gz|}} (~58kB)\\ \\ {{:​files:​arcsjs-current.zip|}} (~79kB)"​
 +Or you can clone our **git repository**:​ [[https://​forge.ibisc.univ-evry.fr/​arcs/​arcs.js.git]]